Zumba Clothing

In doing any type of workouts, either aerobics or cardio exercises, the proper outfit or clothing must be followed to make you feel comfortable and it will be easy for you to take all the steps in your workout routines. The type of clothing you wear will affect the whole duration and result of your workout.

There are a lot of different types of workout clothes, that being classified according to their styles, brands, and fabrics, that are available today. The task of properly selecting your workout clothes can be somewhat intimidating and frustrating. Besides, everyone has their own and different personal favourites and preferences over clothing.

It has been proven, based on my experience, that when you have a workout clothing that is not only comfortable to wear but also something that you look good in it, you will enjoy working out for more. So find something that you feel good and look good wearing it. Latest studies imply that if you have the proper clothing and are happy with the way you look in your workout clothes, you are most likely to be more motivated to continue your exercise program.

Overview in choosing out the Best Zumba Clothing:

1.      Choose clothing that will not only make you feel good but also those that would look good into you. It could also be loose but comfortable to workout with and enables you to move properly.

2.      Wear a bandanna or a hat to help absorb your sweat from the class and make you more fashionable.

3.      Choose a comfortable Zumba shoes that will not grip unto the floor. Usually, people wear regular everyday sneakers; however, these can cause probable injuries. The best choice is to buy a pair of dance sneakers because these types of shoes or sneakers do not grab the floor. Shoes or sneakers with grips will most likely allow you to trip or fall unto the dance floor.

4.      Remove excessive jewelries especially from your hands because in a Zumba dance class, you move your arms around frequently. No one wants to be hit with sharp objects so take off your jewelry before the class.

5.      This might not be a clothing tip but make sure you bring plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Zumba Outfit

The most preferable things to put on are a suitable bra. What you really want is a supportive sports bra. It controls your breasts from moving all over. Your aim is to select a bra that could certainly not get soaked with sweat.

Moreover, the clothing you would choose for Zumba workout must not interfere with your dance and exercise movements. Most preferable clothes for the Zumba dance workout would be T-shirts, bra, exercise bands, shorts, or Zumba cargo pants. These clothes must necessarily be highly absorbent in order to help keep away perspiration off from your body.

Zumba Cargo Pants

It is very important to have comfortable pants that can move with you while you are working out. Especially in a fast pace, active workout like Zumba, you really need to have exercise clothing that moves along with you.  Look for cargo pants that are made of breathable fabrics. The most common and latest fabric that is out today is called Supplex.


Supplex is a fully breathable fabric that is incredibly soft that it feels like cotton but, in reality, is purposely made to stretch with you and go right back into position time after time. Also, this material could keep its colour very well every after wash and even dries quicker than cotton. This is the type of workout clothing fabric that is highly recommended for those that is associated with Zumba workouts. But what I like about this type of fabric is that, it holds your shape in good form and keeps away moisture from your body.

Different options are the very hippy and popular cargo pants that you usually see many of the instructors and students of Zumba wear during sessions. They are available in a variety of vibrant colours, sizes and styles that you will definitely love.

Zumba Shoes

People often have the mentality that dancing shoes are good for this type of workout since there will be a lot of dancing activities. This is completely wrong! Although dancing shoes are flexible, but it does not have the sufficient amount of support that is needed for a fitness program like Zumba.

The most appropriate sneakers for Zumba are the ones that have been specifically designed for dance fitness programs. These kinds of shoes have all the features that will probably work perfectly with the dancing and active movements that come with this activity. These shoes have great support. They are lightweight and comfortable, it has a great cushioning and has a very little threading which is best suited for those who will be twisting and twirling across the entire dance floor.

If you consider in purchasing Zumba Shoes, it has always been recommended to change the insole of the sneaker. Try to put in an insole that is exclusively designed for cross training or aerobics. This enables the shoe to be more comfortable especially when you are doing the dance moves.

In summary, these are what you must consider in choosing the right Zumba shoes:

Try to find shoes that are designed for dance fitness or dance aerobics

A lightweight sneaker is always preferable

Make sure that it has a lateral support

It should have a good shock absorption feature

Find the ones that fits you comfortably.


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